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EMPTY NESTERS                                      FAMILY


        Our Life Groups Ministry will be
        offering an Empty Nester's group
        coming this year in 2022!                           Our Family Fellowship groups are all
        We look forward to helping everyone                 about connections.  These Life Groups
         find a place to belong and                          are focused on growing our
        fellowship with others!                             relationships with
                                                            the Lord and making memories with
                                                            others along the way.

         DESIGN AND


         We offer a varitey of Creative and
         Design Life Groups! Many of these
         groups serve in areas such as Media,
         Kids, Events, and seasonal set up!                                                                   MEN'S

                                                                                                             In 2022 we look forward to seeing our
                                                                                                             Men's Life Groups multiply! From

                                                                                                             discipleship and prayer, to fellowship
                                                                                                             and activity, we have something
                                                                                                             for you!

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