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WOMEN'S                                                                                               PARENTING

        We have a great variety of Women's                                                                    Don't do life alone, especially when it
        Life Groups. From fellowship, lunch,                                                                  comes to parenting! Join one of these
        prayer, and discipleship, you can                                                                     groups and walk alongside other
        find a group of ladies to belong to                                                                   parents as they lock arms in raising
        this year!                                                                                            God fearing children.



                                                                                                              This year we are excited to offer a
                                                                                                              Financial Peace Life Group . Tag along
                                                                                                              with us as we go through the Dave
                                                           DISCIPLESHIP                                       Ramsey curriculum  to become
                                                                                                              faithful stewards of finances.

                                                           If you are looking to take that next step
                                                           in your walk with the Lord, we want to
                                                           plug you into a group that will help you
                                                           do so.

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