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           O       It is our prayer that our worship reflects the multi-cultural family God has drawn to this

           I        House. As we worship as one family, He inhabits our praise. We strive to become known as a
           T     team that works together in excellence and unity. Most importantly, ALL glory goes to God!



           D                                                                                                     We have many areas to serve,

                                                                                                                 both on and off stage. We are
           O                                                                                                    always looking for those who

           R                                                                                                       are called to the worship

           P                                                                                                     ministry and willing to serve

           &                                                                                                                      God.

           P                                                                                                       AREAS TO SERVE

           H                                                                                                                   VOCALIST

           S                                                                                                             AUDIO/VIDEO TECH

           R                                                                                                                STAGE HANDS

           O                                      IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN JOINING our team,                        STAGE DESIGN AND DECOR

           W                                       EMAIL US AT  WORSHIP@LIVELIFEFWD.COM                                     LIGHTING TECH

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