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READY TO SERVE ???                                                 AREAS

                                                                                                                WE BELIEVE THAT EVERY PERSON
                                                         WE LOVE TO HELP PEOPLE IDENTIFY                         IS CREATED BY GOD ON PURPOSE,
                                                             THEIR GIFTS AND SHOW THEM                              WITH PURPOSE, AND FOR A
                                                              HOW THEY CAN TURN THEIR                           PURPOSE. WE WANT TO HELP YOU
                                                            STRENGTHS INTO MEANINGFUL                            DISCOVER YOUR PRACTICAL AND
                                                              ACTION. SO,WHETHER YOUR                           SPIRITUAL GIFTINGS SO THAT YOU
                                                           GIFTING IS A WELCOMING SMILE,                         CAN PUT YOUR STRENGTHS INTO
                                                                BREWING HOT COFFEE, OR                              ACTION BY SERVING IN OUR
                                                                   DISCIPLING THE NEXT                            CHURCH COMMUNITY. JUST AS
                                                            GENERATION, WE HAVE A PLACE                              INDIVIDUAL PARTS OF OUR
                                                                           FOR YOU!                                 PHYSICAL BODIES OPERATE
                                                                                                                UNIQUELY IN ORDER TO GIVE LIFE
                                                          TO BEGIN THE PROCESS OF JOINING                       TO THE BODY AS A WHOLE, SO THE
                                                          THE DREAM TEAM, PLEASE SIGN UP                          BODY OF CHRIST OPERATES IN
                                                            TO ATTEND AN UPCOMING NEXT                          MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO BRING
                                                                         STEPS CLASS.                            COMPLETION TO WHAT WE ARE
                                                                                                                 MADE TO DO TOGETHER AS THE
                                                                                          NEXT STEPS

                                                         Next Steps is our path for you to learn more about Life Church and getting involved. Throughout

                                                          this online course you’ll learn about the heart of Life Church and how you can get plugged into
                                                         community and ministry service. The sessions are available for you online so you can view them at

                                                          your convenience. After you have completed the course one of our Pastoral Staff would Love to
                                                                            sit down with you and answer any questions you may have.

                                                               2 5 6 . 2 9 7 . 1 1 1 5

                                                               3 0 0   M a i n   S t r e e t ,   W e s t

                                                               H a r t s e l l e ,   A L   3 5 6 4 0

                                                               i n f o @ l i v e l i f e f w d . c o m

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