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L I F E   C H U R C H   S T A F F

                                                                                                                 M I N I S T R Y   D E A C O N S

                                                                                                                         Jim and Tammy McCoy

                                                                                                                      Lance and Amanda Findlay
       Brad and Earon Sheats                 Joyce Bryant               Dustin and Keslie Atkins
                                                                          Cullman Campus Pastors
               Lead Pastors                   Administration
                                                                                                                        Paul and Lisa Stalnaker

                                                                                                                        Steve and Leslie Canup

                                                                                                                       Tedd and Dana Timmons
            Chris Shumake                     Dan Downs                       Jessica Geiger
             Associate Pastor               Tech/ Production              Cullman Youth/ Worship                           Bill and Beth Rabb

                                                                                                                          Brian and Brooke Hill

                                                                                                                         Doug and Sonja Elkins
                                                                       Josh and Kandice Essmon
           Anthony Blaxton                  Emma Reeves
                                                                                                                          Heath and Kim Loyd
                                                                                 Cullman Kids
              Worship Pastor
                                                                                                                      Jason and Andrea Greenhill

                                                                                                                 F I N A N C I A L   T R U S T E E S

             Connie Philips                  Molly Nance
                                                                                                                            Todd Fentress
                Kids Pastor                 Worship Assistant
                                                                                                                            Chris Hensley
                                                                                                                               Ron Lentz

                                                                                                                              Chad Bevis
                                                                                                                             Mike Bryant

                                                                                                                             Pat Windsor
               Curtis Wall               Jay and Sarah Terry
  page 5       Youth Pastor                    Young Adults                                                                  Jacob Wood
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